If you're one of the multitude of Americans with the nagging feeling that your priorities in life are out of whack, you may be glad to learn about the solution being prescribed by Dr. Bryan Sibley. The tried-and-true formula that he highly recommends can be found in the his new book, titled God First: Setting Life s Priorities. The book is especially designed to help the reader set his/her priorities in life so that God is first, family is second, and everything else is third. The compact volume, which can be described fairly as a short course in basic Christianity, is packed with lively, well-focused writings about several of the core values of Christianity. The chapters are anchored to relevant Scriptural passages and augmented with stories of the author s own journey of faith. The book is intended to support and encourage Christians and non-Christians alike on their journeys of faith, inspire them to greater compassion for the poor, encourage tithing as an act of faith, and re-affirm the value of forgiveness and reconciliation as a path to peace of mind. The book is also meant to re-awaken the reader s belief in miracles those supernatural occurrences that cannot be explained by natural law nor by medical science. Dr. Sibley relates the stories of three miracles that he witnessed. One involves the restoration of sight to a blind child who was fervently prayed over by members of a medical mission trip in Peru. He explains in the first chapter how with the help of his minister he was able to re-prioritize his own life, putting God first and truly walking by faith and not by sight. This radical, new approach, which began for him in the year 2000, has borne some significant positive results, Dr. Sibley points out. He says he is no longer a habitual worrier, he spends a lot more time at home with his family, financial stress has waned since he began tithing, and he is now calmer and sleeps much better than ever before.

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