Do you ever get tired and frustrated when some things in life don’t work out but other things do? Or when some prayers seem to get answered but not others?
I do. So I've asked God, “Okay, so how do you do it? How do you manifest conditions and consistently get the results you want?” I figure if I have questions about my car, I go to the best mechanic I can find; I ask an expert. If I have questions about manifesting better conditions in my life and praying effectively, I ask the source that creates universes; I ask the expert, God.
This book is a personal conversation between God and me. Each of us is an expression of God, never separate, and as a result, we each have an inherent God nature and we exist in God consciousness. This means we can interact directly with God to manifest better conditions in our lives.
Law of Attraction is simply a law of God consciousness. God and I explore the vibrational nature of consciousness and the role our emotions play in helping us know how aligned or misaligned with our inherent God nature we are.
We also discuss various nuances and tips on how to use our inherent God nature to deliberately manifest specific conditions to have a better life. God expresses and creates life from a place of wholeness and completeness for the love, joy and appreciation of life.
Do you try to manifest things in your life in the same way? Or do you attempt to pray or visualize to manifest a better life from a place of lack, need, fear and worry?