Momentous Bath Salts, Grande Decanter


Momentous Bath Salts presented in this beautiful decanter, a stylish statement piece for your home. Simply pour in your bath and be swept away in softness!
Fine grain bath salts infused with our Momentous scent, ocean blue hue
NOTES: patchouli noir, powdery tonka, white musk, spiced sandalwood
Stimulates circulation, exfoliating and hydrating for a soft and healthy glow
Draw your bath, pour, allow about 10 minutes before slipping in so salts soak and concentrate the water. Detoxifies & conditions your skin, good for all skin types
Momentous Bath Salts Refill, Large available to refill decanter or jar
40 oz | 9" tall x 3" at base | 5.8 lbs | glass