From pawfect pooches to do-good doggos, if you’ve got fur and bark at the postman, you’re part of the crew.

Introducing our brand new range, just for dogs. Treat your pride and joy to some soft (not ruff), quick dry, 100% recycled towels to last a lifetime. Each folds up small to be taken anywhere and features pockets for your hands - so you can keep clean when drying off your dog.

Our unique waffle material is thicker, more absorbent, durable and designed just for dogs. That means it will soak up excess moisture from the fur of your four-legged friend, drying them in super quick time.

Pick from four fur-friendly designs to match your puppy’s personality

These are towels worth barking about.

Quick dry towels, just for dogs
Unique, thick waffle material
Dries 2x faster than regular cotton
Hand pockets to make drying your dog simpler
Super absorbent
Made from 100% recycled materials
Compact & lightweight